Knee Pain

Your knee is one of the most-utilized joints in your entire body. You make use of it every time you take a step, bend down, ride a bike and cross your legs, which says nothing of the fact that it bears the majority of your body’s weight.

While it’s not shocking that weakness, pain and even injury of such an in-demand joint can occur, what might surprise you is that the root causes of knee pain are often located elsewhere in the body – even as far away as the pelvis and low back. Even more surprising? That the solution to your knee pain might just be to see an qualified sports chiropractor in Gardiner Montana.

Isolating the Cause of Knee Pain:

As I mentioned, knee pain doesn’t always begin in the knee itself, even if there are plenty of reasons why it should. In order to treat your knee pain, a chiropractor (or, if you don’t seek Yellowstone Park chiropractic treatment, another medical professional) needs to do a full examination of all your body parts that directly influence your knee joint: The hip, the ankle, the foot, the pelvis and even the low back.

Chiropractic Treatment of Knee Pain:

Once your chiropractor has identified the cause of your knee pain, he or she beings treating the joint. No matter which joint is causing the pain, the mechanism of treatment is similar: 1) Reducing inflammation and pain; 2) Normalizing joint function; and, in severe cases, 3) Rehabilitation.