Mid and Upper Back Pain

When most people think of back pain, they think of pain in the low back, which is the area of the spine that tends to be most negatively impacted, particularly by office workers with relatively sedentary lifestyles.

But although more people look for chiropractors in Yellowstone National Park due to low back pain, the fact remains that pain in the mid and upper regions of the back can result in just as much suffering.

If you live in Montana or Wyoming and feel any sort of pain or discomfort in your mid or upper back, continue reading to learn more about the causes of mid and upper back pain, as well as how visiting our Yellowstone National Park chiropractic clinic can help you get rid of it.

What Constitutes the Mid and Upper Back?

Technically known as the “thoracic spine,” the mid and upper back region comprises the 12 vertebrae that attach to your rib cage – in other words, the longest part of your back. Also included under this umbrella are the discs between the vertebrae, as well as the muscles and ligaments that hold the thoracic spine together.

Causes of Mid and Upper Back Pain:

As is the case with lower back pain, mid and upper back pain can have a variety of causes, ranging from behavior-related issues like muscle overuse and poor posture, to trauma such as herniated discs or vertebral fractures, to degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis.

Chiropractic Treatment for Mid and Upper Back Pain:

No matter the specific location of your mid and upper back pain, its severity or the underlying cause, help is just a few clicks away. Schedule a consultation with us at our Gardiner Montana chiropractic clinic today, and we’ll work together not only to eliminate your mid and upper back pain, but to help you achieve a more balanced, health state of being.